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Dragon football sketch by Fang100 Dragon football sketch :iconfang100:Fang100 0 0 Mountains' spotlight by Fang100 Mountains' spotlight :iconfang100:Fang100 0 1 Toy Shark by Fang100 Toy Shark :iconfang100:Fang100 1 0 Blue and white bells by Fang100 Blue and white bells :iconfang100:Fang100 0 0 Sparrow DA by Fang100 Sparrow DA :iconfang100:Fang100 0 1
Ant stopped just before the exit to the run.  He sniffed the air cautiously, put one foot forward a miniscule.  Something smelt funny.  Bitter, wrong.  He edged his head out and quickly ducked back in as cold air rushed past him.  Grey flakes began to fall in front of him, thickly, layering the run and brightening it.  Coating it in that bitter, wrong smell.
Ant turned tail and ran headlong back to the colony.  Flakes of grey and gusts of cold air followed him, then gave up chase.  He didn’t slow as it got darker; he got deeper into the runs and alleys.  Fire tingled his back left leg, but Ant ignored it.  Stopping now would be foolish.  He raced on, deeper, harder.  Tunnels blurred until they became the source of his speed.  
He was running to find water.  Water to quench the fire on his foot, that was now burning up his leg, climbing it with an achingly slow lethargy.
At last he came to the main terminus wher
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Football dragon 2 by Fang100 Football dragon 2 :iconfang100:Fang100 1 3 Football dragon - 1 by Fang100 Football dragon - 1 :iconfang100:Fang100 2 1 Butterfly garden - coloured by Fang100 Butterfly garden - coloured :iconfang100:Fang100 1 3
Letter to Santa
The elf read the letter again.  The writing was a messy style of neatness, as if the scribe had once been taught to write neatly, but had since forgotten.  The letters sloped to the right, and, unless they had a distinctive shape, rather ran into each other.  It took the elf a while to unscramble the contents, and when he had, he almost fell off his chair in shock.
Recovering himself, he checked the address on the envelope:  
Santa Claus,
The North Pole,

No doubt about it; this had come to the right place.  But who had written it?
Knowing all too well the frenzy that would ensue if word got out, the elf stowed the letter in the top pocket of his tunic, and carried on sorting letters requesting gifts into four piles – Naughty Girls, Nice Girls, Naughty Boys and Nice Boys.
Sometime later, the bell sounded in the sorting shed, and he joined his fellow elves in packing up and going home.  He packed up a little slower than usual, and as
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Fang - beach scribble by Fang100 Fang - beach scribble :iconfang100:Fang100 0 2 Under the sea by Fang100 Under the sea :iconfang100:Fang100 2 6 Mystic rose by Fang100 Mystic rose :iconfang100:Fang100 2 4 Beast-turned-prince by Fang100 Beast-turned-prince :iconfang100:Fang100 1 6
Magicland Dizzy The YolkFol
Magicland Dizzy
The YolkFolk gang have, once more,
been victims of Zaks’ evil wrath.
Only Dizzy remains to save them all,
defeat Zaks' evil magic and settle the score.
Dora, dear sister, is now a frog!
Convince a sceptical prince
to believe in fairy tale myths;
release your sibling to lover’s fog.
Hippy Dylan adores nature, so,
Zaks took him at his word.
Glenda’s good magic out-wits evil
if you find her treasured Goblino.
Out for the count, Dozy’s comatose.
It’s up to you to wake him.
A Genie’s anger is powerful stuff
if given in the stated dose.
Cool dude Denzil needs some heat
- ice is no place to rock’n’roll!
Melt his prison, gain his stereo;
introduce others to the beat.
A palace holds your princess, Daisy,
in a room she can’t escape.
Shrink her back to normal size
with a potion that drove Alice crazy.
Beyond the Magic Mirror, go backward
to do battle with Chess pieces;
free Grand Dizzy from his confusion.
Now the evi
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Pub Story
Pete and Sam were in a pub in London, sheltering from the sudden downpour that had forced them inside; away from Portobello Market.  They sat at opposite each other at a table for two – the only one free when they arrived – by the back window.  A false rose in a plastic vase wore a nametag of ‘10’ in case they wished to order food.  Pete looked at the menu and decided £15 was too much for the dishes on offer, and that was before he’d seen someone else’s starter arrive and been aware of the minuscule portion sizes.  Sam had bought them both a pint of coke and almost winced when he was told how much it was.
The pair of them were trying to out-do each other in making their drink last until the rain stopped, or at least eased off.
“Mate, why did we have to pick the one pub in London that has a unisex toilet?”
Pete furrowed his brow and then turned to look behind him, where Sam was indicating.  Past his shoulder was a pale blue door towards a
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Sometimes I think I'm crazy, but I know I'm only mad.

I tend to write stories / poems, paint pictures - using acrylics mainly, make toys (out of crochet), or just prat about with the variety of art materials I have. As you can well see from my gallery, compared to a lot of folk on here, my skills are rather lacking. But I have fun in what I do, and to me, that's what matters. :)

Hey folks,

Well, another year ends and a new one is just around the corner.  How was 2014 for you?  I hope it went a good deal better than mine!  Roll on 2015 for it can't be worse ... surely?! XD


Bit of a mixed year, really.  Started off alright, then a bit of a fiasco with regards to my friends seemingly not bothered about my 30th birthday, yet they’d all got together and gone out for a meal for everyone else’s.  So I ranted a bit and they all agreed it was rubbish and did a surprise meal for me later and one hell of a cake!  No weddings, which was a relief after six of them last year.  One pair got engaged; one got divorced (but he has since found someone else).  My cousin’s husband got diagnosed with cancer at the end of November; she is due to give birth in January.


Things have not been plain sailing with my house mate for most of the year.  Two girls live two doors down from us and to begin with, he dated one who was round ours every evening and late into the night.  It was done in a way which made me feel unwelcome in the house, so I had a word with him after just over a week of this, explained how I felt, and it all stopped.  And then he dates the other and – from what little I see of him – since June has moved in with her in all but legal terms.  To the point his daily routine is this: Back from work about 6, have a shower, round to hers by 7 at the latest, and come back the next morning at 7:30 because that’s when she leaves for work; later if she’s got a day off as he’s not required in till 9.  The superglue continues at weekends – although she hasn’t quite got him to go to her church on a Sunday yet.  He appears royally owned by her. 


It pissed me off no end to begin with, but I have now grown used to having the house to myself and laugh that he comes back for all of 30 seconds (literally) some days.  I feel for his girlfriend’s house mate though, as she now has what I had to begin with and has stated her displeasure at this numerous times yet been ignored, so occasionally comes round mine for a moan.  I also feel for his friends who he rarely sees now, and was rather bemused that he wrote “thanks for another great year of flat-mate-ness” in my Christmas card … !


I am actually waiting for him to announce that they’ve found a place and I have to find a new house mate; it’s also given me incentive to look for a place of my own.  It’s been pleasing to know that I could – just – afford to buy out somewhere like my current house, however, they’re so sought after they go for 6 times the asking price.  I don’t have anywhere near that kind of cash!!


On a more positive note, November was pretty much spent in London because I went to see three bands play live a week after the other (The Boomtown Rats, The Levellers, and Bryan Adams).  Concert wise I’ve also been to see The Delays (little band who I’ve followed from the off) in a quiet venue in London; Frank Turner (bit of a new act on me), Iron Maiden (and some other acts at Sonisphere who were a bit too metal for my liking) and Taylor Swift.  I’ve been up to Scotland twice this year – once with a group of amazing friends, and once as a spontaneous I-have-leave-let’s-see-old-school-friends trip.  I think the bug has passed to my mum, as she’s planning for us all to go up there to see family we usually only see at Weddings / Funerals next year.


I treated myself to watching Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse of the Black Pearl performed in The Royal Albert Hall, with an orchestra playing the soundtrack.  That was a night I will never forget, and I’m going to look out for other films done that way that I love (Pirates 3 would be stunning).  I advise anyone else to do the same, too.  Also went to see Cats as I’ve heard a lot about it and never been.  It was done in a London theatre I hadn’t been to since seeing Joseph when I was about ten, so bit of an emotional hit to be there again.  Fantastic musical though; thoroughly recommend it!

  • Listening to: R.E.M - Stand
  • Reading: Gone Tomorrow - Lee Child



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